Dear customers, our office is again fully opened, we still care for your health by using all necessary health procedures HERE. For most vehicles, a 20% discount is still valid.

Car rental during extraordinary situation with COVID 19

Our office is opened again. But we keep caring about the hygienic process.

1. Fill out the reservation form or contact us by email / phone
2. We will contact you to arrange the details of the vehicle handover
3. a) We will hand over the vehicle to you in our car park in compliance with hygienic principles * (RECOMMENDED AND SAFE POSSIBILITY)
b) We will deliver the vehicle to your requested address and disinfect it before handing it over

- nobody enters the vehicle 24 hours before the start of the rental (this is not possible when the vehicle is delivered)
- the vehicle will be delivered to you in the fresh air, keeping a distance of at least 1m
- Both sides must have protective equipment (cloth, gloves)
-We will provide you with a disinfected pen for signing the contract and disposable gloves

-entering inside off EDENcars office is forbt idden, we will do most of paperwork outside if possible.

- It is currently not possible to travel abroad by car
- the car can be picked up and returned only in Bratislava

-20% discount is valid on most vehicles + a VIP discount is added to each loyal customer.

Lending is also possible Monday - Saturday 7:00-16:00, or by the agreement at another time.
We thank you.

EDENcars - Car Rental
Tel: +421 948 490 480