Car rental conditions

Documents required


  • proof of identity: national ID card or passport
  • driving licence issued minimum 12 months before rental beginning, the minimum age of the driver must be 19 years
  • credit/debit card for deposit 


  • drivers‘ passport or ID card and driving licence
  • written authorisation to sign the contract and collect the vehicle on behalf of the company, if a contract is signed by another person that person registered in Company register (Company House) as a signatory (a person acting in the name of the company)
  • booking signed by company signatory (a person acting in the name of the company as per Company Register)
  • copy of your VAT registration certificate (if registered for VAT)



Payment terms

Individuals/ Self-employed

  • following credit and debit cards are accepted as a method of payment (Visa, Visa Electron, ZBK, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, EC/MC).  

    American Express, Diners Club, JCB are not accepted

  • alternatively, cash payment in EURO is accepted only for returning customers and after the previous agreement

Business car rental

  • payment by debit or credit card  in EURO is accepted
  • BACs payment is only accepted on a meeting of our requirements and on receipt of required documents


  • all rental charges are payable at vehicle pick up (delivery), in case that the delivery is out of Bratislava city limits, EDENcars can ask you to pay whole price and deposit in advance, with credit card
  • in case of rental extension, you will be asked to pay for the rest of rental in EDENcars, s.r.o. office, latest 24 hours after contract validity expires



Individuals/ Self-employed

  • if you choose to pay by debit or credit card, your card will be taken for the amount of deposit required. When you return the vehicle at the end of the hire period, the total additional charges (etc. charges for fuel) will be calculated (if applicable), and your card will then be charged for the final amount. At this point, the taken amount will be refunded back to your debit or credit card account. Refund of deposit may take several days, which is a period for bank transactions. EDENcars will not refund any money which you loose on currency differences (if occurs)
  • deposit is taken by transfer, not by preauthorization
  • deposit is payable at pick up (delivery)
  • when making a reservation with a broker, deposit height will be different, please visit the broker web site to find out the exact deposit amount

Business car rental

  • for more information about car rental deposit please call us on +421 (0)948 490 480


Car rental quotes and VAT

  • rental and other charges are stated in our current price list
  • 20% VAT is included in the rental rate/quote stated. Prices stated in EUR.
  • EDENcars is VAT registered in Slovakia; the standard VAT rate in Slovakia is 20%
  • car rental price listed is the price per rental day (24 hours); subject to vehicle type and rental period
  • long term rental price is stated individual upon request, to receive long term car rental calculation, please fill in the form in column longterm rental - calculation


Rates include

  • unlimited mileage for short term rental (except car classes with *, **, *PREMIUM*)
  • fully comprehensive car insurance (excess applies - see price list)
  • motorway stamp for Slovakia
  • vehicle breakdown assistance and assistance in making an insurance claim
  • free refill & change of fluids (oil, water, brakes, antifreeze and PAS) on a regular basis, excluding fuel


Rental period

  • rental Day means elapse of 24 hours
  • if you do not bring the vehicle back on time (subject to 60 minutes tolerance), you will be charged for every day you have the vehicle after you should have returned it to us
  • weekend rate is valid: pickup Fri 13:00-15:30, return next Monday 7:00-10:00. Not valid on bank holidays.
  • the minimum rate is one day, in case of rental during a weekend or bank holiday, the minimum rate is two days


Long term car rental

  • long term rental means hire for a rental period of over 1 month
  • for all questions concerning long term rental please call us on +421 (0)948 690 480, or contact us by email:
  • for calculation, please fill in the form in column longterm rental - calculation


Vehicle delivery (pick up) and return (drop off or collection)

  • free within Bratislava after a previous agreement, car delivery is free for all car rentals longer than 1 day
  • when renting for one day, an extra delivery fee will be applied
  • delivery or drop off at Bratislava airport is free of charge
  • car hire deliveries or drop-offs outside Bratislava are subject to a charge; please see our price list
  • in Kosice, it is possible to pick up the car only on request


Vehicle insurance

  • we have fully comprehensive insurance for each vehicle
  • excess applies, see pricelist
  • when making a reservation with broker, excess height will be different, please visit the broker web site to find out the exact excess amount
  • in order to make an insurance claim, it is necessary to provide MOT certificate and vehicle keys, otherwise, full liability for the damage caused remains with the renter
  • where the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, the renter will be liable for the full cost of damage to the rental vehicle
  • it is possible to arrange additional insurance for you which will cover full damage on the vehicle. This means that in the event of an accident, you will not be reliable for 10% of damage. However, in the event of theft liability up to 10% of vehicle purchase price remains with the renter
  • when sorting car damage, or fine from police, we charge you extra 50 EUR administration cost.

Travel outside the Slovak Republic

  • travel outside Slovakia is allowed only after previous agreement
  • travel will be permitted to countries: Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Germany
  • after a previous individual agreement can be allowed to travel to other countries
  • no vehicles can be taken to former countries of Yugoslavia (except Slovenia, Croatia, Monte Negro, Serbia), Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Belarus, Greece, Spain, Portugal, UK, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Turkey and other countries out of Europe
  • customer is fully responsible to return the car in Bratislava (Slovakia). It is not possible to return the car out of Slovakia. In case customer is not possible to return the car in Bratislava because of government travel restrictions, he will be charged for rental until day of return  the vehicle in Bratislava(Slovakia).


Fuel policy and cleaning

  • customer will be provided with a fully tanked vehicle and will be asked to return the car fully tanked
  • in case that customer gets a car with less than full thank, the customer is asked to return the car with the same fuel level
  • in case of returning the car with less full tank, you will be asked to pay the rest of petrol + manipulation fee
  • customer will be provided with a clean car and is not necessary to clean the car on drop off
  • in case of returning the extra dirty car, the customer is asked to pay a fee  

Further information

  • EDENcars is not responsible for loss or damage to property left in the vehicle, including removable face radio panel
  • the rental and any other charges are worked out according to the agreement. EDENcars reserve the right to change prices
  • EDENcars can refuse to provide a vehicle to any customer without obligation to state a reason of refusal
  • when making a reservation with a broker, conditions may be different, please visit the broker web site to find out exact conditions of your rental
  • These terms and conditions are abbreviated information of the General Terms and Conditions, the complete "General Terms and Conditions" can be viewed here.
    If you have any questions, please contact us: or 0948490480
  • for confirmed reservations we reserve the right to charge a fee for changing the reservation 20 €
  • when returning the vehicle at the agreed place we will wait for you free of charge 30 minutes, after this time we reserve the right to charge 50 € for each additional half hour started