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EDENcars, S.r.o.

Ivanska cesta 83,

821 04 Bratislava

CRN: 44923848

CRN VAT: SK2022877604

e-mail: sloboda@edencars.sk

    Scope of application
    • This return policy governs the complaint procedure between EDENcars S.r.o.., which may be represented by the company's resellers (the "vendor") and the end customers (the "customer"). The return policy governs the complaint procedure in accordance with § 18 par. 1 of Act no. 250/2007 on Consumer Protection, Civil Code no. 401/1964 Coll. , Commercial Code - Act no. 513/1991 Coll. (all the above-mentioned laws as amended), as well as other generally binding legal regulations of the Slovak Republic. Complaints are handled during the opening hours in the premises where the service was provided. Complaints are also handled by the customer centre sloboda@edencars.sk.
    • The Return policy applies to all supplier's services provided to customers. 
      Service record of the provided service (car rental)

2.1 The vendor shall be obliged to issue to the customer a service record stating: 

  1. a) business name, identification number and address of the vendor,
  2. b) business address,
  3. c) date of service delivery,
  4. d) service identification, 
  5. e) the price of the service and the total price paid by the customer.

2.2 When selling a service with subsequent delivery, the document must include the destination, date and time of delivery.

  1. Claim process

3.1 The vendor is obliged to duly inform the customer about the conditions and manner of the complaint, including information on where the complaint can be made.

  1. The vendor is obliged to accept the complaint in any premises, in which it is possible to accept the complaint with respect to the provided services and contractual terms (they are part of each Vehicle Rental Agreement or are published on the vendor's website). Each customer should be familiar with the specific terms and conditions at the latest when signing the Vehicle Rental Agreement to avoid any misunderstandings.

3.3 The vendor or an employee authorized by him or another person designated for this purpose shall be obliged to settle the claim immediately if this is not possible immediately due to the complexity of the claim within a maximum of 30 days. This time limit does not include the time required for a professional assessment of the lack of service. After the expiry of the maximum time limit for settling the claim, the vendor shall have the same rights as if it were a defect that cannot be remedied.

3.4 The vendor is obliged to issue a confirmation of receipt of the complaint to the customer when making a complaint.

3.5 The vendor is obliged to issue a written document on the complaint handling within 30 days from the date of a claim at the latest.

3.6 The supplier is obliged to keep a record of the claim and submit it to the supervisory authority upon request. The record of the claim must contain information about the date of claim, the date and the method of handling the claim.  

  1. Complaint The rights of the customer for liability for deficiencies in the provision of the service by the vendor may be exercised only during the period of service provision (car rental), but no later than three working days after service provision (lease expiry).
  2. Procedure for handling complaints

5.1 The customer is obliged to submit the following documents when submitting the complaint: - proof of service (lease agreement), - a written statement of all deficiencies, - a proposal for a complaint, - a claim for compensation or send a complaint form to the above contact.

5.2 The vendor shall provide the customer with a document confirming the claim. The document must include: - the date of the claim, - the defects claimed, - the proposal to resolve the claim by the customer. This information may be included in a written complaint from the customer.

5.3 Complaints can be made whenever the delivered service has not acquired its substance (car rental was not realized), or deficiencies appeared during the delivery of the service (car rental).
6. Method of deciding on a complaint. On the basis of a qualified assessment of the deficiency, the authorized employee of the vendor decides on the way of solving the claim.
7. Resolution of a claim

7.1 The time for settling the claim can take up to max. 30 days, as long as all conditions arising from this complaint procedure are met.

7.2 The vendor is entitled to refuse and return incomplete or wrongly claimed complaint to the customer for completion according to STN ISO 10002. The refusal shall not affect the deadline for the complaint. Until the claim is reapplied, the deadline for its settlement is suspended.

7.3 The complaint may be resolved by: discount on the price of the service, refund of money or rejection by the vendor. Complaints of services at contractors of the vendor may be made according to § 436 et seq. provisions of the Commercial Code.

7.4 If the complaint made by the customer does not meet the conditions of the complaint procedure, the complaint by the vendor shall be handled in accordance with this return policy and the relevant generally binding legal regulations, so that his legal rights are not affected.

7.5 A complaint will not be accepted if the vendor can reliably prove that the claimed defect is not at fault and the vendor was unable to prevent it in any way, given that the deficiency was caused by another unforeseeable fact.

7.6 In the case of an unauthorized complaint, the customer may be charged with the costs associated with the complaint