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Insurance basic vs. optional

Basic car rental insurance

The rented vehicle is the responsibility of the lessee (customer) for the entire rental period.
At the beginning of the rental, you will check the vehicle together with our agent and any damage will be recorded in the acceptance report.
When returning the vehicle, the same vehicle check shall be carried out. If new damage is found, the customer is responsible for such damage.

In the price of the rental you always have basic accident insurance that covers damage to the vehicle or theft of the vehicle.
However, the basic insurance does not cover the so-called deductible (part of the damages you are obliged to pay) in the amount stipulated in the lease agreement.
In the basic insurance, the deductible is 10%, but at least 330 €.

In practice, this means that if you cause damage to the vehicle you pay:
- for damage less than 330 EUR you pay the full amount of the damage
- at € 330 - € 3300, you will pay € 330
- for damage exceeding € 3300, you will pay 10% of the damage
- in the event that the damage was caused by another culprit and you have a properly written accident report and all the necessary elements have been fulfilled, you pay nothing.
-insurance has its exclusions see conditions of rental

Optional extra insurance

Supplementary insurance is the possibility to cancel the deductible in case of damage or theft.
You can buy three types of insurance with us

Damage insurance - deductible 0 € - does not include tires, interior, damage to the motor part, does not include vehicle theft
Total insurance - deductible 0 € / 0% - does not include tires, interior, engine parts. In case of theft you do not pay.
Total insurance-EXTRA - includes damage, theft and tires, motor vehicle parts, interior. Excludes poorly refueled fuel.

None of the insurance applies in cases of insurance exclusions, see the terms of the lease


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