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Long-term lease in brief. This way you can rent a car without worries

As a modern manager, you certainly understand that if you do not want to hinder your business, long-term car rental is an ideal solution for corporate mobility. True, even in this case, it is an important decision and a number of questions may arise. That is why we have prepared this article for you.


You don't have to be a seasoned car mechanic and a lawyer in one to leave us satisfied and with a new, representative travel companion. Just read the simple procedure of how a long-term car rental in EDENcars takes place, and you will be clear about that.


  1. Non-binding order

Maybe you found EDENcars by accident, someone recommended our company to you, or you just heard about us somewhere. But not about you yet - that's why the first step is up to you. Just fill out a non-binding form with basic information, your preferences and the approximate length of the rental. Thanks to it, we will be able to create an offer that suits you.

  1. Express offer

If you submit the form on weekdays, the best offer will be parked in your inbox within two hours. If you have any questions about the offer, or if we need to add any data, we can also contact you by phone. The number 0948 490 480 will light up on the display.

  1. Conclusion of the contract

We pay attention to the simply written basic conditions of car rental, which will help you find your way around quickly. Now it's the contract.

Are you a company manager? You have two options. If the vehicle is taken over by someone else, you will sign the contract and general conditions in advance. If you know that you will come to the car, you can also sign the contract and conditions on the spot together with the protocol on taking over the vehicle.

Are you an agent? The contract and conditions are signed in advance by the manager of the company, you sign only the acceptance protocol on the spot.

  1. Vehicle takeover agreement

Even at this point, flexibility is our number one priority - you can easily design the time and place of collection. We will bring your car to any place in Bratislava free of charge, after agreement also outside the capital. Of course, we would like to see you if you decide to come by car to our branch at Bratislava Airport.


  1. Pick up the car

We are approaching the finish line. The tasks are simple - you come to the place, we bring the car. According to point three, we express the necessary paperwork on the express and that's it. You can enjoy a luxurious ride without worries!

  1. Service during long-term rental

As service inspections are included in the price for the highest driving comfort, we have also included this intermediate link in the procedure. You can tell if it's time to service your car by the kilometers or system alerts. Just contact us and choose one of the logistics methods.

You can bring the car to our branch and take a spare one immediately, or you will go directly to the service at a certain time and wait until the maintenance is finished. Of course, we solve all worries and disputes for you.

  1. Return the vehicle

We will also adapt to your conditions at the place and time of returning the vehicle. If you have a taste for mobility without worries, you can extend your rental at any time. At the same time, the car can be returned prematurely according to the agreed conditions in the contract.


We are convinced that everything will turn out according to your ideas. It is not for nothing that we follow the password - your journey, your conditions.