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Vlastné firemné autá brzdia váš biznis. Trendom je dlhodobý prenájom

The cost of owning company cars is still rising, and it's no longer just about finances, but also about precious time. We know very well what you want to devote your time to in the company. Endless braids with a fleet are definitely not.

So how not to slow down your business with unnecessary costs? By adopting a model of long-term rental of company cars, an alternative to classic leasing. Let's take a look at all the expenses that can be saved this way.

Apparently small payments
If you own a vehicle, all traffic-related fees must, of course, be paid by you. You say it - they are just small, the company wallet doesn't even notice. However, try to calculate and multiply the individual amounts for motorway stamps, insurance or vehicle registration fees by the years during which the company car will be used. The result can be up to a four-digit number.

However, you do not have to pay these "small" fees for a company car with a long-term rental. All of them are already included in the price, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Time is also precious
Many people forget this factor when deciding between buying and renting a car. At the same time, time is perhaps the most valuable of all costs today. Hours spent in the service, looking for a replacement vehicle or the entire administration associated with your own vehicle ... We believe that you would be able to use this time a little better.

Service and maintenance
After all, everyone knows this from personal experience. If we want the car to serve us for years with the promise of a decent sale, we need to take good care of it. From regular service inspections and technical inspections to changing fluids or washing, it all affects the life of the car.

Again, these activities also cost a lot of energy and money to make more important decisions in the company. Therefore, there is a huge advantage that during a long-term car rental, the rental company will solve all these worries for you.

Insurance claims and spare vehicle
Whether your company car travels hundreds of kilometers to the other end of Slovakia, or breaks through the streets of Bratislava every day, an insurance event lurks around every corner. We will probably agree that even small accidents are a stressful thing for a person. Not to mention that for the company it means repairs, equipping a spare car and paperwork with an insurance company.

With a rented car, you will save not only time and money but also your nerves - in the event of an accident, rental companies will not leave you in the lurch. Our employees at EDENcars will provide you with full-fledged assistance services and a replacement vehicle for the entire duration of the repair, for a smoother course of the entire event.

You get flexibility
With a long-term car rental model for your company, you will save yourself the stress of unforeseen circumstances and fixed conditions. For example, with us, you determine the length of the lease. This way you can rent a company car for a long time or only for the duration of a specific project. For maximum flexibility, we still stick to the password - your way, your conditions.

With a long-term lease, you outsource not only the financing of company vehicles and their service, but also the risk associated with car ownership. And so you can fully dedicate yourself to what you know best - your business!